TAKING STOCK – Accountant’s antics leave him all at sea.

When it comes to unusual hobbies Eddie McGettigan, a mild mannered accountant in the cost administration section of Irish Life Assurance in Dublin takes some beating. By day he rakes over figures but come the weekend Eddie dons rubber from head to toe. Yes, Eddie is an expert in the arcane world of fin swimming. Having put on the wet suit and snorkel Eddie swims long distances across the sea. His latest feat being to swim the Irish see from Ireland to Wales – a total of 44 miles and 29 hours in the water. Eddie himself told TS: ‘It’s amazing what people do in their free time.’ Not ‘alf. After suffering sickness and swollen eyes and mouth, the Irishman has completed a swim that might get him his second Guinness Book of Records entry. In 1985 he and a group of fellow subaqua swimmers swam in relay 332 miles while under water. ‘That was the start of it all,’ says Eddie. The start! Where’s he going to finish? TS suggest Eddie could save on transatlantic flights by swimming to America for summer holidays. Mind you if he feels like a dip in warmer water we suggest the Pacific or Indian oceans. Of course, while TS is no marine biologist, we understand these waters are shark infested so Eddie might want to work on speed as well as endurance. Good luck!

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