CIoT enters ‘Second Life’ online world

The Chartered Institute of Taxation will send ‘Tax Anderton’ into the online
virtual world Second Life this morning.

As part of the CIoT’s Tax Advice Week, Anderton will be available to other
Second Life members to discuss tax issues for people in an online environment.

‘There are many people in Second Life who are buying and selling goods and
services. Like any transaction, this may be liable for tax,’ said CIoT president
Rob Ellerby.

‘We feel it is very important that Second Lifers understand the tax issues
they are facing, as we suspect many will not be fully aware of the implications
of their virtual activity.’

Second Life has proved to be so popular that many businesses provide services
through the virtual world.

The Dutch affiliate of Baker Tilly, Berk, operates a virtual office in the
online environment.

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