Taking Stock – The dream ticket has to be Sir Cliff and PwC.

If you cast your minds back to when we were basking in the heat of the August sun, PricewaterhouseCoopers dabbled in songwriting and released a hot rock of its own. The firm’s Dutch office commissioned an artiste (of sorts) to script a smokin’ song to commemorate last year’s merger. The now infamous tune entitled Your World was a mixture of 1980s sounding soft rock coupled with corporate bonding type lyrics. And TS was more than eager to share the experience with our faithful readers – so we printed the full lyrics in all their glory! It took so long to get over the brilliance of the toon, that TS was still humming PwC vibes until Sir Cliff Richard’s Millennium Prayer took over. Now there’s an idea – how about a Sir Cliff Christmas carol sponsored by PwC for next year. It’s sure to be a hit.

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