Darling rebuffs business call for CGT rethink

Questioned by MPs in parliament yesterday, chancellor Alistair Darling said
he intended to proceed with the changes to the capital gains tax although
business is unhappy with the proposals. He maintained a single capital gains tax
rate ‘was the right thing’ to do because it helped simplify the tax system.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is the latest business group to
oppose the CGT changes. ABI told
it had sought an urgent meeting with officials from the
Treasury and HM Revenue &
Customs to discuss the implications. ‘We are looking very closely at the issue,’
ABI said.

The Prudential said: ‘It is obviously a very complex issue and it’s important
to get clarity as soon as possible and make sure there is no detrimental impact
on our products.’

But those who are hoping for a U-turn on the issue are in for an uphill
battle as Darling stays firm. He told MPs: ‘Although I accept some people are
not happy about it, others have welcomed the proposal, and therefore I intend to
proceed with the changes.’

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