Taking Stock – The way to relax is by watching the fast track.

Accountancy is a demanding career and professionals need time to unwind with their favourite hobbies. Accountancy Age’s annual careers survey, produced with Nigel Lynn Associates, gives a fly on the wall view of what the profession gets up to in the privacy of its own home. Top of the list of pastimes are reading (13%) and gardening (12%). Walking and travel came in a close second with 11% of the survey. Amongst the hobbies listed were singing and/or dancing, martial arts, and family. Reflecting the upwardly-mobile image of the profession, a healthy number surveyed said they indulged in adrenaline sports such as ski-ing, motor sports and cycling. Other respondents preferred to keep their relaxation low key and danger free – walking, golf and keep fit. A worrying number of respondents proved they like a more sedentary pace to life outside the boardroom. Fishing, relaxing and history were favoured responses. But some accountants proved they have done nothing to shake off their slightly staid image. A percentage even admitted to showing a interest in numbers away from the balance sheet – those stamped on the side of railway engines. Trains and trainspotting was a popular hobby, strangely more prolific amongst CIMA and English ICA members than their public sector cousins – perhaps reflecting the privatisation of the railways.

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