Taking Stock – Bug will be fashionably late for dome’s IT ball.

Despite the vast majority of the media reporting that the effects of the Y2K bug have been fairly minimal – organisers of the Millennium Bug Ball are determined to find someone who has suffered at the hands of the technological nightmare. Over the coming weeks they will be conducting a survey to find the most woeful story from IT staff. The individual found to have had the roughest ride, will be offered two tickets to the event scheduled to take place at the Millennium Dome on 10 March. It would seem that a number of observers decided to ignore the hype however, and go down the more conventional route of getting a table – buying a ticket instead of relying on the story-telling ability of colleagues. ‘Surprisingly for us, many tickets and tables to the Millennium Bug Ball were booked in advance of 1 January, indicating that many companies had high confidence in their preparations,’ said event director Matt Godson. But Taking Stock wonders whether confidence had anything to do with it. Perhaps those little rascals in IT earn too much money for their own good. However, following the ticket fiasco at the dome party on New Year’s Eve, we suggest the winner of the competition doesn’t get too excited about getting the tickets – or they may be embroilled in a second millennium nightmare in the shape of a two-hour queue at the local tube station.

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