UK workforce must improve management skills

Speaking on day two of CIMA’s Global Business Management Week, Ward Griffiths, assistant director of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, said if a culture for creativity is to be created in the workplace, business must take into account issues such as the human dynamic and employee behaviour.

He said CIMA’s report ‘Harnessing Creativity to Improve the Bottom Line’, raised important questions on the way people are managed and developed.

Recent research by the CIPD revealed one problem the UK currently faces is that there is an imbalance between the level of commitment between employers and their employees. Two thirds of managers recognised employees are willing to put themselves out for their employer, but only half said the organisation would go the extra mile for its employees.

Ward said: ‘If we want more commitment from employees, we will need to see that the organisation shows more concern for its impact on people.’

But businesses do to realise the importance of retaining valuable personnel. ‘Despite the popular rhetoric, in the majority of organisations people issues are not viewed by top managers as their most important assets,’ said Griffiths.

‘The war for talent will not be won by organisations with a reputation for cost-cutting and treating people as disposable. What matters now is knowledge, learning, initiatives – and creativity,’ he added.

Today’s debate also revealed , although leadership is vital to improve creativity within an organisation, there is a serious shortfall of these skills in the UK.

Sir Anthony Cleaver, chairman of the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, revealed that the need for people with management and leadership skills is increasing.


CIMA Global Business Management Week

So how is creative value measured?

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