2,000 more jobs to go at Revenue/Customs

Link: mmO2 chairman gets Revenue/Customs job

Brown revealed this new reduction as part of plans to cull a total of 104,000 civil servants jobs across the UK. He told MPs 84,150 jobs would go in England and a further 20,000 in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This exact number of posts to go will be 16,850 with 3,500 redeployments to front line activities, a total net reduction of 13,350 posts.

Across the departments, Brown pledged to make savings of £550m by 2007/2008.

The total job cuts across the civil service would save £21.5bn a year for frontline public services, Brown said.

He has also called on Sir Michael Lyons to work with each department to rationalise their use of property and land and, where necessary, arrange sales and disposals to bring in revenues of £30bn in asset sales.

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