HMRC woos FTSE 100 CFOs

Dave Hartnett, acting chairman of
Revenue & Customs
(HMRC), has approached every
FTSE 100 finance director,
offering a lighter scrutiny of their taxes – if they agree to higher levels of
disclosure and co-operation.

Hartnett’s offer came after he revealed to the Public Accounts Committee last
week a big listed company had kept a 150-strong team of HMRC tax specialists
busy, searching for evidence of tax avoidance or evasion.

In a letter emailed to the financial officers, Hartnett offered the FTSE 100
companies and other big corporates ways of reducing ‘risks affecting your
Telegraph reported

‘For 100 group members and other major corporates, this means we are
providing an increasingly bespoke service,’ he said. ‘For those that work with
us providing a high level of disclosure and transparency we can offer earlier
certainty, helping you maintain a predictable, sustainable tax charge and
reducing risks affecting your reputation.’

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