Deloitte begins ITV interactive phone line audit

Deloitte is leading a review of ITV’s interactive programmes after viewers
were overcharged when voting during the last X-Factor show.

The firm will lead two reviews at

Firstly, they will check current programmes to ensure viewers are not being
overcharged; with ITV’s COO John Creswell stating that he believes current
programmes are compliant.

Current programmes have been suspended because of the audit, including
Dancing on Ice, however, the show is expected to take place on Saturday
following the review.

will also lead a retrospective audit of previous ITV shows that offer
viewers premium rate interactive services.

‘We’ve asked the auditors to report back to us with some urgency,’ said
Creswell. ‘The interactive elements in each programme will be re-introduced as
they are independently signed off. We expect the review of current programmes to
be both swift and thorough. The retrospective review will take longer due to the
greater number of programmes involved.’

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