Code red turns to code dead

Almost all reports so far today suggest that there were no problems brought about by the virus, which is known as a ‘worm’.

David Perry, a US based security consultant for Trend Micro, who was monitoring the web for the Code Red outbreak, said ‘the hue and cry really helped, and the US government’s warning was useful’.

It was an opinion echoed by a number of IT security watchers yesterday who maintained that most companies had protected their servers against the worm as a direct result of the widespread media warnings.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at IT company Sophos, said the threat was ‘more hype than havoc’ and that some ‘experts’ would be left with egg on their faces today. He described the FBI warning as alarmist, but agreed that many people probably protected or patched their servers as a result.

A report from Microsoft, however, claims only around one million copies of the relevant protection program or patch were downloaded from its website, despite there being an estimated six million servers with the Windows NT operating system. ‘As long as one NT server is not patched, Code Red will continue to activate,’ warned Trend Micro’s Perry.


Urgent talks as Code Red rears its head

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