Reliable internet sites should be awarded ‘Trust Marks’, says government

The proposal comes from the government’s ‘Creative Industries Task Force’.

Its aim is to boost consumer trust and confidence in e-commerce across national boundaries and help create new opportunities both for UK creative industries and consumers.

The ‘Trust EU’ hallmark would indicate that the company carrying it:

followed EU consumer protection legislation;

respected consumer privacy;

had effective security practices;

had clear policies on contracts and dispute resolution.

Smith said: ‘Almost 10 million people are now using the Internet. In the near future, the internet will be accessible by digital TV.

‘The internet offers significant commercial opportunities for our creative industries, both within the UK and further afield. This is particularly significant as on-line transactions become more widely recognised.

‘We must find ways to ensure that creative businesses, organisations and consumers feel confident in fully exploiting the exciting opportunities that e-commerce brings and to underpin Britain’s position as a world leader in this field.’

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