Fees rise to highest ever level

Management consultancy fees have risen to their highest ever levels,
according to research carried out by the Institute of Management Consultancy.

The IMC report said that average daily rates now stand at £1,275, with IT and
recruitment consultants charging the highest fees. Some 25% of firms were found
to charge daily rates of between £1,100 and £1,400, and some 19% charge £1,900
or more with levels varying between £250 and £3,600.

The report found that more than half of the directors of the management
consultancy firms it questioned earned more than £100,000 or more, while new
entrants into the industry can expect to earn between £25,000 and £40,000 per

The study also discovered that IT and financial consultancy firms paid the
highest salaries, and that 83% of firms’ offer flexible working, with 59%
offering family-friendly benefits.

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