TakingStock – Make mine a pint …

Last week we here at TS were mischievously happy to reveal that the only way Ernst & Young can keep its troops cool at its steaming Lintas House building was to issue free ice creams.

Lintas House, we now understand, has been the subject of much murmuring in the ranks during the recent heat wave because of the distinct and sticky lack of air conditioning.

However, there’s likely to be no respite. E&Y are on the move and certain not to want to blow a wad on new facilities it wouldn’t be using for long.

However, there is an upside. We also hear that E&Y’s alternative cooling device is free bottles of beer.

If you’re a visitor over there expect to come across foot soldiers with a Knickerbocker Glory in one hand and a Becks in the other. Dress down Friday has certainly come a long way since our day.

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