KPMG and PwC back euro group

KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers were listed by the organisation in its annual report last week as providing donations of over £5,000. Other businesses named included British American Tobacco, Nestle, British Telecom and Unilever.

The revelations came as world central banks moved to rescue the euro and the Danes prepared to vote on whether or not to join the single currency in a referendum today. The outcome could influence any UK referendum.

A spokesman for PwC said the firm had made a one-off contribution of £25,000. ‘As one of the biggest employers in Europe, we feel it is important there is a balanced debate on the European issue.’ The firm was unable to confirm whether it had made a similar contribution to opposed groups.

KPMG said it had made a financial contribution but would not say how much. A spokesman said it had acted as host for a number of Britain in Europe events in London.

The group supports retaining the UK’s option to join the euro in the next parliament.

‘It is important both sides of the argument are heard,’ the spokesman said. Lord Sharman, former senior partner of KPMG, was until recently treasurer of the campaign.


Britain in Europe campaign website

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