Group A – PKF faces hearing over ex-partner treatment

Pannell Kerr Forster will face an English ICA investigat-ions committee hearing next month over its treatment of former partner Derek Turner, forced into early retirement through illness.

Turner says he is #80,000 out of pocket as a result of a ‘near worthless’ insurance policy signed by PKF with Permanent Insurance.

Among other complaints, Turner claims PKF reneged on an agreement to fund his dispute with the insurer, costing him a further #8,000 in costs.

The committee will hear the case on 1 December and decide whether to take it to a disciplinary board, which could impose penalties on PKF.

Turner, who suffers from a severe form of arthritis, said: ‘I know my complaints are well-founded and I have provided documentary proof.’

Mick Maton, managing partner at the office where Turner was based, said he was unaware of the hearing date.

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