Taking Stock – Inspect-a-gadget.

Hot-shot executives out there will be aware that the entrepreneur about town is a veritable heaving mass of ideas for the next big deal – even in his sleep.

Movers and shakers need a way of recording those groundbreaking, bank balance busting thoughts so they don’t get lost or neglected.

Here’s the answer for those techies among you – Sony’s IC Recorder (ICS-MSI). For the garrulous dealmakers this recorder has a 16BM memory stick which is enough to give around half an hour of recording at ‘high quality’ or two hours, for the verbose, at long play.

Stunningly this gadget will do some of the work you’d usually load on your PA like arranging the messages by date, and allowing you to give priority to some thoughts over others. A memory stick adaptor will let you transfer recordings to a PC. It’s sleek and even if the batteries run down, you’ll look like George Soros talking into this.

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