Deltek takes off in UK

US developer Deltek Systems has signed its second UK customer, Aerosystems International of Yeovil, following its recent debut at the Softworld in Accounting and Finance exhibiton.

Deltek, based in McLean, Virginia, originally developed its project-oriented software for companies working with the US government but entered the UK market last year when British Airways subsidiary Speedwing opted for its Costpoint system.

Aerosystems group manager, Martin Wicks, said the company followed Speedwing’s example in choosing Costpoint because it met the company’s need for a combined project and business accounting package.

‘We were convinced that we would have to settle for an accounting package with some project functions bolted on,’ said Wicks. ‘Costpoint was a real surprise.’

Deltek marketing vice president Mary Moore said, ‘Until now we’ve been reactive. People have been finding us on the Net. But the reaction we got at Softworld was very good. When we talk projects, we’re talking the same language.’

Having been designed from the ground up to handle multi-department and even joint-venture projects, the Costpoint database creates a separate, centralised chart of accounts for each project, explained Moore. Data is entered by the project managers and the software will maintain a history and audit trail for all the items charged to the project.

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