Deloittes fights Mother over ‘Monkey’

Lawyers from Deloitte are in discussions as to who owns the rights to ITV’s woolly puppet after the Big Five firm said it was selling Monkey as part of the digital channel’s assets.

A Deloitte’s spokeswoman said: ‘We do consider the monkey is an asset, but the situation is being looked into.’

But Andy Medd, a partner at Mother, the advertising agency responsible for creating Monkey, insists: ‘There is an issue of ownership. They are trying to sell something and we are trying to establish whether it is theirs to sell.’

Monkey’s custody, he said, was not as simple as Mother creating a character for the company, and giving it to them as part of the contract.

Medd also said ITV Digital still owes Mother a ‘substantial amount of money’.

If it does belong to the digital company, Monkey could turn out to be ITV Digital’s most valuable assets, as investment company Selestia has offered £10,000 for the mascot.

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