NAO says tax forms too complicated

Audit watchdog, the National Audit
has criticised HM Revenue &
for not doing enough to help individuals understand and complete
their tax forms. 

In a new report, the NAO points out a number of weaknesses in existing
procedures, including 6% of calls to HMRC telephone helpline service resulted in
taxpayers receiving less than complete and correct advice.

Furthermore, the percentage of calls answered within 20 seconds fell 7% short
of the industry benchmark standard at 73%.

’Tax can be a complicated matter so it is important to make it as easy as
possible for taxpayers to understand and comply with their tax obligations,’ NAO
chief Sir John
Bourn said.

’My report shows how forms and guidance can be made more accessible and the
importance of grasping opportunities to simplify the complex rules and
procedures,’ he added.

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