Prosecutors want Snipes to foot court bill

Wesley Snipes has been pulled into another legal battle as the prosecutors in his tax evasion case are now asking the court to order him to pay for costs of the case.

Snipes, who was found guilty in February this year on three counts of failing to file tax returns, is now being dragged back through the courts, to pay $257,687 (£130,917) in fees.

US Attorney, Scotland Morris requested Snipes pay for scanning and printing of documents, as well as witness-related fees and daily trail transcripts amongst other costs WebCPA reported.

Snipes lawyers attested the court fees on the basis that he was acquitted of felony charges as well as some misdemeanor charges, which the bill did not account for.

They said: ‘The government has failed to attest that the costs are reasonable and necessary not just in the case but solely with respect to the three counts of conviction against Mr. Snipes, a prerequisite to imposition of costs’.

Carmen Hernandez and Daniel Meachum, Snipes defence lawyers, also argued that none of the costs were allocated to co-defendants, Eddie Ray Khan and Douglas Rosile.

Hernandez wrote: ‘Mr. Snipes cannot be assessed costs for investigations or prosecution of others including Kahn and Rosile’.

Snipes, is currently on bail pending his appeal but was sentenced to three years in prison.

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