Jury acquits Snipes of tax fraud charge

A US federal jury returned a verdict of three misdemeanour charges against
actor Wesley Snipes last Friday, acquitting him of the most serious tax fraud
charges he faced.

The jury found him guilty of failing to file returns or pay taxes from 1999
through 2001. He faces up to three years in prison. If convicted of the
felonies, he would have faced up to 16 years, according to The New York

Snipes, who made his name in films like the ‘Blade’ vampire trilogy, was
ordered to pay up to $17m(?8.6m) in back taxes plus penalties and interest. His
two co-defendants – Eddie Ray Kahn, a promoter of tax denial, and Douglas
Rosile, a former accountant – were convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges.

This was the fourth major case in which the US Justice Department failed to
win convictions in cases against prominent tax deniers. The New York
reported the verdict drew whoops of joy outside the federal
courthouse from fellow tax deniers who proclaimed another victory.

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