Finance sector ignorant over paternity leave

Since December 1999, fathers with new-born children are entitled to 13 weeks unpaid leave under European law.

Return to homepage Prime minister Tony Blair yesterday announced that he would after all take two weeks of the paternity leave he is entitled to. Previously he said that he would continue his duties after the birth.

Of the respondents to the survey, 39% believed their company did not offer paternity leave, when in reality it is now available to all new fathers.

The survey also uncovered that 69% respondents felt that to work unpaid overtime is the now the norm. This figure had risen from 5% in a previous survey by the same company.

Carol Connolly of David Chorley Associates said: ‘Accountancy staff work in adeadline driven, fast-moving environment, where in order to complete their workload, impress their employers and enhance career prospects, long hours are par for the course.’

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