Disabled accountant loses battle with ACCA

Link: Disabled accountant slams the ACCA

In a dramatic hearing, which George insisted on completing despite being urged to go to hospital after suffering a seizure, further evidence was brought to light by the association.

It emerged that George had given a prospective client of his father’s, Philip Lee, a business card which included his name, address, contact details and the letters ‘FCCA’.

This, combined with other evidence, led ACCA to say it had no choice but to discipline the disabled accountant. In her summing up, Anne Darling, chairman of the disciplinary committee, said she believed George had not only failed to co-operate with the ACCA investigation but also the proceedings on the day. Costs were reduced from £2,739 to £1,000 to take account of George’s financial situation.

‘This was just a one-off that has been blown out of all proportion,’ said George. He has 33 days to appeal the disciplinary committee’s finding.

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