Taking Stock – Tesco reveals how it stays ahead online.

Next time you’re munching after closing time on the wrong order because you’re too hungry to complain, just think what could happen if you put your supermarket shop online.

Business-to-consumer e-commerce giant Tesco online prides itself on extending its new service to more than 500,000 customers this year. But despite all that hi-tech, hi-talk, it is not immune to falling once in a while to the curse of the takeaway delivery cock-up.

At a recent e-commerce seminar near Heathrow, Tesco online finance director Martin Bennett came clean about early teething problems at the trail-blazing service.

‘Yes, there have been occasions when customers ordered a loaf of wholemeal bread and found a large packet of condoms in their delivery instead,’ Bennett confided.

So, next time you order a packet of condoms online from Tesco, and your groceries arrive, remember you may need to be more adventurous than you originally planned.

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