Newswatch: Moving pictures on the tube.

Riding tube trains could soon no longer be as dull as it once was. If MotionPoster, the advertising poster company about to launch on the Alternative Investment Market, has anything to do with it, underground passengers will soon be watching what looks like animated films through train windows as they ride to work. A diverting experience, but the key for MotionPoster is whether advertisers will go with the company’s concept to target tunnel travellers. Chief executive Charles Holden, who qualified as a chartered accountant, says: ‘It’s a market people want to reach. There’s already been a huge response from advertising agencies and media buyers.’ MotionPoster will be a series of backlit pictures placed in tunnels so that as trains pass it appears as a silent film. The ambition is to go underground worldwide as metro systems undergo unprecedented growth. MotionPoster believes that the rail owners are keen to exploit a new source of revenue. A placement of shares to institutional investors has already raised #5.63m and MotionPoster’s 30 March launch on AIM should raise even more money for investment. The company has a test base at Loughborough but the trick now will be to sell the idea to advertisers. Michael Pelham, chairman of the company, says: ‘Being quoted on AIM will provide new and existing shareholders with an opportunity to invest in proven and patented technology which delivers a new advertising product to a growing global market.’

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