Accountant suffers beating

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Company director John Cowie lost his temper after hearing that he would receive hefty penalties from Companies House for failing to deliver his accounts on time.

He stormed to the offices of AIMS at Abbey Mill Business Centre in Paisley and attacked his accountant John Stewart, punching him repeatedly.

However, according to The Paisley Daily Express, the 47 year-old victim reacted with surprise when Cowie, of Thorn Drive, Bearsden near Glasgow, received no sentence.

Stewart told the Express: ‘I was hoping he would have been fined or got community service at least.’

The Paisley Sheriff Court heard that when Cowie, a client of AIMS for seven years, first arrived at Stewart’s office discussions had been calm. But once he was told the paperwork for his computer business – Jemco Associates – had been lost, he began repeatedly beating the accountant.

The court heard that, as a result of the accounts being late, Cowie was subsequently fined £1,589.

Cowie accepted in court that he was out of control and that his behaviour was unacceptable.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie told Cowie that his conduct was disgraceful, but added that in all circumstances he would be admonished.

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