Devereux responds to tax report criticism

Professor Michael Devereux of the Oxford University Centre or Business
Taxation has publically responded to criticism aimed at recent research
conducted by the Centre.

The report in question raises doubt over the methodologies used by charity
organisations in collating tax data, namely from transfer pricing techniques
used by multinationals, in developing countries.

In a letter addressed to several national newspapers, Devereux said criticism
by the Tax Justice Network and others about report conclusions were unfounded.

‘…they do not identify any specific objections, but instead simply attack
the researchers and the centre,’ he said.

Devereux said the researchers involved in the research are ‘first-rate,
independent academics.’

He concluded the letter by insisting the criticism of the research undertaken
by such organisations is intended to be constructive.

‘We find it disappointing that the Tax Justice Network seeks to spread
innuendo about the messenger rather than to engage in constructive debate about
the research,’ he said.

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