Decision on Andreasen taken to highest power

Link: EC whistleblower to address MEPs

Originally it was believed that the EPC would decide on Monday (next week) if Andreasen could address them on allegations of mismanagement and fraud at the EC, but the matter has now been handed on to Pat Cox, president of the European Parliament, and president of the EU Commission, Romano Prodi.

Reports from the European Parliament’s legal service suggests the two officials will talk things over to find a solution before any invitation is issued for Andreasen to speak.

Andreasen was appointed as accountancy officer of the European Commission at the start of this year. However, she complained that what she found was an accounting system in such a shambles that fraud could be concealed.

Based on this, she said that there was no way she could sign off earlier accounts.

Following these statements, Andreasen was suspended from duty, in a move led by reform commissioner, Neil Kinnock.

Some MEPs are in favour of a public airing of the matter, while others take the view that it’s against the rules to have someone who is under disciplinary procedure testify as to what is going on at the EC.

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