Deloitte partner loses divorce battle

A Deloitte partner has lost a landmark divorce case on maintenance payments
to his wife.

Kenneth McFarlane, a tax partner at the firm, has been ordered by the House
of Lords to make payments of £250,000 to his wife Julia a year for life. The
court dismissed an appeal by McFarlane to reduce the figure.

The figure, court documents reveal, is one third of McFarlane’s salary at

The case is being cited as a landmark in the way in which the contributions
of non-working spouses are valued.

McFarlane’s wife Julia was reckoned by judges to deserve the sums in part
because she had given up her own career as a successful lawyer at Freshfields,
the magic circle law firm, to look after the couple’s family.

Mrs McFarlane’s lawyer James Pirrie said: ‘We are delighted for Julia. It is
a ground-breaking ruling. Until today maintenance for a stay-at-home mum was
based purely on her living costs. Now judges must consider contribution and
compensation for people like Julia. This is only fair. The judgment recognises
her sacrifice and that marriage is a partnership.’

To read the judgment,

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