Awards 2001 – Exchequer Software – Mid-range Software Package of the Year

Exchequer Software has managed to pull off a glorious treble after winning the mid-range category for the third successive year.

The hat-trick reflects the success the company has enjoyed in the market, having turned itself around and fought off stiff competition from rivals – not to mention a considerable number of approaches from other companies to acquire its business, all rejected by the company management.

However, entries from Access Accounting and Squaresum ran the Exchequer offering extremely close.

The judges were particularly impressed with the fact that Exchequer over the past 12 months has embraced new technologies in order to revolutionise the problems of integration, resulting in the development of the SDK.

SDK has enabled Exchequer to develop partnerships with a number of application providers to provide seamless integration and upgrade-independent links.

Essentially, the SDK enables Enterprise to be customised using any modern development language, making it easier for businesses to share data between disparate applications.

The development has helped Exchequer to be the first mid-range vendor this year to expand into the CRM market by partnering with Databank Software, vendor of the mid-range CRM application PROSPECT.

The technology used combines a mixture of COM (component object model), XML (extensible mark-up language) and SOAP (simple object access protocol) to provide language-independent tools, using common worldwide standards, for integrating to any part of the Exchequer Enterprise application.

The fact the company achieved sales revenue increases of 30% during the first six months of the year compared to 2000 also impressed the judges, while profitability increased by 47% during the same time.

The judges said: ‘The company has got a slight edge. They have done incredible things and they do everything required of them. They are also receiving glowing praise from Ireland over their ability to handle the euro change-over. Its multi-currency handling is probably the best seen so far in any UK system.’

The fact that a major body in the industry, the CSAA, has chosen to run with Exchequer also impressed the judges, as did the exceptional references.

‘The level of innovation is exceptionally good and the company is completely unpretentious. A lot of its success must come down to its acceptance of industry standards, its development plans and willingness to embrace new technology,’ added the judges.

The .net SDK has revolutionised the concept of bespoke software for the SME marketplace.

It has made the adoption of a ‘Best of Breed’ policy a realistic proposition.

Companies will no longer have to accept unreliable ancillary models or links between disparate systems.

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