UK at risk over Iraq, say FDs

Britain’s businesses are at greater risk of a terrorist attack than European firms because of the UK’s involvement in the Iraq war, an overwhelming majority of financial directors believe.

Almost three quarters (73%) believe the threat of an attack is higher here than elsewhere on the continent because of London’s unstinting support for the US in removing Saddam Hussein, according to the latest Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Big Question survey.

Just one in five believe the risk had not grown because of UK involvement in the Iraq war.

Among the 34% who replied the most strongly, ‘yes, definitely’, that the threat from terror had heightened, was John Buckley of Sauter Automation.

‘Our prime minister, by his ill-advised strategies, has effectively been asking for this country to be attacked. And yet the irony is that he has no idea how to defend the UK against terrorism,’ he said.

There is continued speculation that Spain’s role in the Iraq War led to the recent Madrid bomb attacks. Many have argued that Britain could be next.

Even senior policemen and some senior ministers have expressed their fear that it is when, not if, the UK will be attacked. However not everyone shares that fear.

Among those not so worried included one FD who argued that the risk of a terror attack was spread evenly across the West.

‘I believe that all of the Western world is at risk, probably no one country more than anyone else,’ said the anonymous respondent.

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