Taking Stock – A long walk – spoiled.

At the second regional heat, played at Mere in Knutsford, Lawrence Freedman of Hodgsons, stood by his playing partner – who for his own sake will remain nameless – as he teed off at the first.

Unfortunately for Freedman, the shot set off like a rocket, but at a seemingly impossible right angle. The ball struck our unlucky competitor on the back of the knee and the evidence was all too clear at the bar four hours later.

Sorry though TS was for Freedman, any murmuring that the incident had cost him shots was dismissed. However, the incident did bring a new meaning to the term ‘handicap’.

At the same event a few holes on, Grant Thornton’s Carl Cunnelly hit a drive, which was reportedly heading straight towards the water, until divinity intervened, and placed a loitering duck in the path of the ball.

The ball stopped dead and the duck was last seen limping off with rival players alleging ‘foul’ play.

Finally TS would like to pay its respects to another unnamed golfer who took part in a regional heat.

As the contestants prepared for dinner after the day’s play, this naughty chap politely made his excuses for leaving early to get some work done – and revealed his manager did not know he had been on the course.

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