PwC’s retail centre opens for business

PricewaterhouseCoopers has opened a Retail Solutions Centre in Swindon, which will provide leading European retailers with a unique opportunity to explore visions for their business with retail experts in issues such as e-commerce and category management. The centre is an interactive facility with a fictional retail outlet (T&K Stores) where retailers can debate issues in an authentic retail environment. It enables companies to experience and challenge best practice systems and processes, helping them to break down barriers which exist in their own business.

Developed in partnership with SAP, Data General and Siemens Nixdorf, the centre includes a store, warehouse, head office and a consumer’s home.

Says centre director, Philip Walker: “Leading edge solutions showcase complete integration. The systems are the envy of most European retailers.”

David Thomas, European retail partner, Management Consultancy Services at PwC, said: “Visitors can look at their business in new ways and improve existing processes. In today’s crowded marketplace, those who don’t understand the importance of building relationships with the consumer will not succeed.

“T&K Stores allows visitors to delve into fully functional systems and uncover areas of competitive advantage, a feature that is not available elsewhere.”

Andy Cummins, marketing manager, Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems, said: “Consumers are less and less willing to wait for products. Efficient supply chains are becoming an absolute necessity.”

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