Practice management: How to advertise effectively

However, with over 70% of the profession advertising in the Yellow Pages, your advert must stand out amongst the rest.

You could change your name to something beginning with “AA” – that would put you first on the list or you could apply the more practical tips;

  • Use most of the available space to attract attention to yourself.
  • Use something that distinguishes you from the rest.
  • Do not think that your firm’s name and logo will necessarily attract attention.
  • Do not list all your services.
  • Leave plenty of space so that it is easily read.
  • Make sure your telephone number is large and bold.
  • Include your address.
  • Consider advertising in other categories other than accountant.
  • Do not be frightened of attracting non-target market clients (they can be referred on to some other ‘friendly’ accountant you know).
  • Make sure you know how many new cleints come from Yellow Pages.

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