Checklist – Revenue amends e-pages.

Inland Revenue[QQ] The Revenue has laid regulations to amend the existing personal pensions rules in order to introduce stakeholder pensions as well as four newsletters providing guidance on pensions schemes. It has amended its e-business pages to identify user guides and technical specifications across the various categories where electronic returns can be made. The statutory instrument confirming the final date for claiming tax relief for vocational training relief has now been approved.

English ICA Tax Faculty

The Tax Faculty has welcomed the tax law rewrite team’s draft capital allowances bill and is looking forward to the first statutory changes arising from the project. The Faculty has also published its response to the Revenue discussion document on simplifying NIC for employers. For more details contact the Tax Faculty on 020 7920 8646.

Chartered Institute of Taxation

Recent submissions from the institute include: a submission on recovering the proceeds of crime in response to Cabinet Office consultation; a submission on simplifying national insurance contributions for employers in response to Revenue technical discussion paper; a submission on proposed changes to forms P11, P14 and P60 for tax year 2001-2002 and a submission sent on VAT treatment of face value vouchers and similar items in response to Customs Business Brief 10/2000. More details from the technical department on 0207 235 9381.

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