Accountants top techies in popular vote

The low ranking of IT professionals in the popularity stakes is due to fears that they would ‘talk shop’ all evening, or be too introverted to hold a conversation with their neighbour.

But survey sponsor NETg claims there’s a serious point to the study, which highlights the fact that softer skills, such as communication or team building, are still sadly lacking in many IT professionals.

It is urging them to increase their focus on business and professional skills training.

Nige Howarth, vice president of marketing at NETg, said that, although staff who occupy people-facing roles are perceived as easier to get on with, this was not necessarily the case.

‘At a time when IT staff have moved out of the back office and are a far more visible part of the organisation, it is a shame that they are not as a whole also viewed in this way,’ he said.

Personal assistants or receptionists were the most popular individuals to sit next to at the office party, securing 42% of votes predominantly because the were seen as the biggest gossips.

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