KPMG: international assignments too costly

Globalisation is forcing companies to re-examine their international
assignment programs, which they find consume too much time and are too costly to
administer, the latest
research shows.

Results of the
Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey
, conducted by the
International Executive Services practice of KPMG LLP, show short-term
assignments are also increasing as companies take a more global approach to
doing business.

Of the 348 human resources executives surveyed, 49% believed international
assignment programs ‘take too much time and effort to administer’ – up slightly
from last year’s results of 48%. A marginal increase in respondents – up two
percentage points, to 40% – also thought their international assignment programs
were ‘more generous than they need to be’.

Achim Mossmann, managing director of global mobility advisory services in the
KPMG LLP international executive services practice, said it was no surprise
companies were looking to trim assignment expenses. ‘International assignments
are here to stay, so the most forward looking companies would be wise to develop
ways to administer them more cost effectively using technology and conducting
extensive pre-planning due diligence,’ he said.

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