Education – CIPFA calls in auditors

CIPFA’s Education and Training Directorate is to call in independent auditors to review its operations after a series of blunders in exam papers.

The public sector institute has put the work out to tender, but education and training director Ken Gill would not be drawn on the identity of the auditors being considered for the task. Gill said the work would be undertaken within ‘the next two to three months’.

The move follows the discovery of another mistake in a CIPFA exam paper which has forced the institute to apologise to students for the second time in two months.

CIPFA was criticised in January when an error slipped into the P1 Information Management and Control paper.

The latest error, found in December’s Financial Accounting paper, omitted vital information for students required to prepare a cashflow statement.

‘This is a human process and from time to time there will inevitably be mistakes,’ Gill said. ‘Students I have spoke to are satisfied with the approach we have taken.’

Assessment manager Elliott Rae said the marking team and the CIPFA Examinations Board had ‘taken action to compensate for this omission’.

In the letter to students, Rae said that while the omission was regrettable, appropriate compensation had been applied. He added that action would be taken to ensure such errors did not occur in future.

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