DTI raises issues in Heritage inquiry

The institute found last year Grant Thornton had no case to answer over allegations of professional misconduct made by former Heritage chairman Jeff Lampert.

Lampert’s allegations centering around claims of conflicts of interest and his assertion that he had not received a vital report from the firm.

The institute said this week it was assessing new evidence from Lampert and his MP Rudi Vis. The pair’s campaign has also received a boost after John Moore, until recently chief examiner at the DTI’s Insolvency Service, told Lampert in a letter: ‘There are some issues arising from this which I would wish to take up with the institute from all this.’

Concerns were raised over the issue of whether or not Lampert received the report.

Moore emphasised he does not regard the institute’s decision as unreasonable and that the matters are of ‘general application for the future.’

Grant Thornton declined to comment, while the institute emphasised the Insolvency Service’s conclusion was not critical of its decision in the case.


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