CRM fails to please.

Capturing Customer Value in e-business surveyed 120 CRM and e-business strategy leaders in the UK, Norway and the US, and found that most were dissatisfied with their e-business achievements, particularly in terms of improving profitability.

While almost all respondents had a mix of channels to customers, few had integrated them well. Only 5% were able to share customer information across all points of contact and just 12% said that a customer who accessed services via the web would be recognised the next time they contacted the call centre.

Moreover, only 15% use customer preferences to personalise the web experience and only 13% are able to tailor products to customer profiles.

PA’s CRM expert Ian Murray stressed the need for clear e-business and supporting integrated channel strategies. “Done well, e-business can be a real differentiator and a powerful competitive weapon; done badly, it will act as an open doorway for defecting customers,” he said.

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