HP users group to enter liquidation

Link: Merged HP/Compaq ready for take-off

Members and creditors were notified on Monday 28 July by legal firm Nunn Hayward that HPCUA had instructed it to assist in convening meetings of members and creditors.

‘It is proposed that the company be placed into creditors voluntary liquidation,’ said Nunn Hayward in a letter to members.

One member said the group had been in steady decline for years, and once HP acquired Compaq it became the smallest group.

‘HP is also withdrawing support for the HP3000 this year which also had a big impact because many of the members were users of this popular product,’ he said.

David Butler, partner at Nunn Hayward said the directors at HPCUA took the decision that the company was insolvent and should cease to trade.

‘The reasons behind HPCUA’s decision will emerge once it is in liquidation and the investigation commences on 14 August,’ he added.

HPCUA could not be reached for comment.

HP said it was aware of the development: ‘HPCUA is one of a number of HP User organisations set up independently of HP to represent the HP user community. Although HP is phasing out the HP3000 series, we will still support HP3000 series customers for a number of years,’ it said in a statement.

HP added: ‘Any user group’s success is naturally dependent on the support of [those] it represents and without an adequate body of support, it will struggle to succeed.’

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