Gordon Ramsay ‘terminates’ head of finance

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and chief financial officer Nick Fletcher are
parting ways according to papers filed at Companies House.

The documents for “terminating appointment” were filed at Companies House
last week and mean Fletcher is no longer a director at nearly 20 of the Ramsay
companies, including Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Fletcher is still director at five companies, three of which are overdue for
filing company information, which could mean that both Fletcher and Ramsay could
be liable for criminal proceedings as well as a £5,000 fine.

This time last year Ramsay was fined £1,100 for filing company accounts late

It has been a troublesome year for Ramsay, who was told by advisers KPMG to
put the company into administration as it owed over £7m in taxes, broke lending
agreements for a £5,000 overdraft and a £10m loan from RBS.

Other woes include a profit fall of 87%, outstanding debts to HMRC of £2.9m
and suppliers of £5.5m.

Ramsay ended up pumping over £5m of his own money into the business.

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