Damning report causes rows in Ulster council

A damning report by Deloitte on the leisure services at a civic council in
Belfast has sparked a significant internal row.

Disagreements have festered in the Craigavon Civic Centre, one of Ulster’s
main district councils, with two directors and a principal officer lodging
official grievances.

Deloitte’s confidential report points that things are so bad, that ‘the
council is at risk of failures of delivery service’, the Belfast

The report also says that restructuring in the department has taken place
with no clear justification or regard for cost, and certain procedures have not
been followed.

‘Relationships, morale and motivation are very poor. Stress levels are high,
as are fear and mistrust. A culture of raising grievances rather than solving
problems has developed,’ the report adds.

There have been no fewer than 18 grievances lodged within the council leisure
services department, which is also the largest department within the council.

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