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When you visit your GP or a hospital consultant do you expect them tohe English ICA and of the North Region of Kidsons Impey. be up to date with the latest developments in medicine? I am sure the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and the same, of course, is equally true for our clients and the employers of accountants.

But, with time at such a premium, it’s difficult enough to keep abreast of legislative and regulatory changes let alone to know what’s happening at the leading edge.

That’s where the English ICA’s new Centre for Business Performance comes in. It is spearheading the institute’s research and thought-leadership activities with a dual mission. First, to undertake quality independent research on key issues such as the measurement, management and reporting of performance. Second, and equally important, to disseminate the results effectively and to encourage the translation of valuable new ideas from the drawing board to best practice.

Promoting successful entrepreneurship and developing the world-class business are among the principal areas in which the centre plans to commission projects in the coming years.

On entrepreneurship, we aim to look at the drivers of SME growth and the barriers to it, causes of failure and the ways in which chartered accountants and other business advisers can assist owner-managed SMEs.

A high-powered 2020 steering group under the chairmanship of Graham Ward, the institute’s vice-president, will play a key role in promoting the world-class business initiative. Issues to be explored include the impact on companies of capital market developments, the growing importance of intellectual and human capital, and governance and accountability issues.

The advancement of theory and practice are the lifeblood of every profession. We are committed to helping tomorrow’s leaders prepare for the future. For more information, contact us on 0171 920 8624 or

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