New corporate governance guidance from CIMA

Corporate Governance: History, Practice and Future, presents the currentrequirements and practice for good corporate governance in a concise anduseful format, a spokesman said.

It describes the responsibilities of directors, managers,shareholders and other stakeholders, and outlines the practical steps thatcan be taken to improve corporate governance in various types oforganisations, including listed companies, public, not-for-profit and SMEsectors.

Lessons to be learnt from other countries are highlighted in acomparison of corporate governance in the UK, USA, EU, Japan, South Africaand Australia. The guide concludes with CIMA’s predictions on the likelytrends and developments that will shape the future of Corporate Governance.

Pat Redrup, Chairman of CIMA’s Technical Committee and CIMA’s CorporateGovernance Taskforce, said:’Good corporate governance is vital to the success of enterprises, whetherpublic, private, large or small. This is the first time that the diversematerial on corporate governance has been distilled into an easilydigestible format.

‘We have provided a thorough synopsis of the backgroundand developments of Corporate Governance. Perhaps more importantly, we haveoffered practical advice to all those involved in improving CorporateGovernance and, in concluding with a chapter on the future, we hope toprovoke discussion and provide food for thought on this crucial subject.’

It costs £15.

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