MCC hits surprising stroke for women

Marylebone Cricket Club, scene of last Sunday’s magnificent century by England batsman Nasser Hussain (above) and one of the last all-male bastions, is setting out to convince women accountants to apply for its vacancy for head of finance.

MCC secretary and former Surrey captain Roger Knight said he would be appalled if women accountants were deterred from applying because of the club’s rule that bans women from its Lord’s ground on match days. ‘There’s absolutely no reason why a woman should not get the job,’ he said.

The head of finance has a seat on the currently all-male senior management team. The the job also entails helping with the running of match days.

‘If you like cricket, it’s a lovely place to be,’ said Knight. ‘We have more than a hundred staff in the Pavilion – a large number of whom are women, including PAs, our marketing manager and our museum’s assistant curator,’ he added.

Knight said his ideal candidate would be a chartered accountant with property business experience.

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