CIPFA goes global.

The public sector institute has agreed to make its qualification available to students in Uganda, and is known to be in discussions with other countries.

The training will be provided by Uganda’s Management Accountancy Training College in Kampala, funded by the Ugandan Ministry for Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Julia Attridge, CIPFA’s assistant director who led the team sent to Uganda to validate the work of the college, said: ‘We were most impressed by the determination of government departments and local employers to improve local accountability by an ambitious plan of education and training.’

CIPFA said it was confident the MAT college could provide high quality tuition but that it might be commissioned to assist with specific papers, revision courses and specialist lecturers.

The institute expected 120 students would enroll initially, but that numbers would increase in the future. It was first approached by the Ugandans two years ago.

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