Union fury at KPMG teacher training

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Teaching unions are angry and say that the government is shifting the blame for the funding crisis. David Hart, general secretary for the National Association of Head Teachers, said: ‘The guilt lies entirely with the government and the government’s simply trying to pass it off on other people. The idea that we have to bring in KPMG because a sign-ificant number of heads are not managing their budgets properly, I categorically reject.’ Hart said the crisis was sparked by the government’s underestimation of additional costs associated with national insurance, salary and pension increases. But the association is determined to make the most of the training on offer. ‘A training and development package is all to the good,’ added Hart. KPMG will provide the training for head teachers through the National College for School Leadership from next year. The firm would only say in a statement that it was looking forward to working with the National College and head teacher associations to help and advise schools with their budget management. A spokesperson for the National Union of Teachers said: ‘The training will be helpful, but the real problem schools face is not how to manage their budgets, but that their budgets are too small.’ For more, see

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