Ex-Customs chief facing police questioning

Link: City of London police expand fraud fight

David Varney, the new executive chairman of the two departments, confirmed the news during a Treasury sub-committee meeting yesterday (Wednesday).

Sir Richard was questioned by police as part of a widening police inquiry into the case. It relates to fraud cases in the 1990s and allegations of illegal smuggling of alcohol from warehouses in the East End of London.

A spokesman for Customs confirmed the news but stressed that the fact Sir Richard was being questioned was not evidence of any guilt and was ?part of an ongoing review of what happened in the nineties?.

Two other senior Customs officials have been suspended over the same investigation. Customs’ director general of law enforcement, Terry Byrne, and head solicitor, David Pickup, were suspended on full pay last month as investigations continue.

‘This is not a proof of guilt,’ Varney said.

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